How Webinars can help you in Up-Skilling.

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In this lockdown period, we all are scared and nothing is certain. Time has slowed down, insofar as we aren’t expected to travel (in the person of course). In times like this everyone needs a calming yet knowledgeable session to let go of our worries and savor every moment.
One can be as negative as they want towards this lockdown and can ruin their day or can see this as an opportunity and can learn something new. To get some new skills, we purchase abilities, information, and experience somewhat. The correct aptitudes, at the perfect time and all the more critically, at the correct cost. Be that as it may, it is rare to find the deeper and proper knowledge of the sector or industry. This lockdown has made everyone and everything at standstill and for the first time in anyone’s life, we now have been given the chance to reflect and the time to change. And to help you guys, loads of people have come forward and took some time out of their lives to help and provide knowledge. 
This can be done in many ways like posting pictures or some videos on various social media sites, do various live chats or webinars, write blogs, etc. In this, we will talk about webinars.

Webinars are a combination of words, web, and seminar. It means that organizing a seminar online so that there is people can attend it virtually. Mostly webinars contain the people showing their skills, or telling some stories about their lives, can be a music event so that people can come and listen to music, etc. The reality of the times we live in has created the "big moment" for learning. Never before did transformation drive "digital learning" like the moment we all find ourselves in.
Mainly webinars can help you in upskilling. Upskilling means to upgrade your skills and learn an additional skill. With the technology available and good websites to help, you will not only find your skills upgrading but also helpful in your future. In today’s time, the gap between the skills desired by recruiters and the skills available in the job market is growing, and will only continue to widen as technology advances.
But webinar not only gives you knowledge but also helps you to interact and communicate with the people and know about them. Attendees (audience members without speaker/presenter privileges) can send a chat message to "All attendees." Everybody else in the audience can see what they type. Okay, that's a nice way to foster group discussions and community building. Also, not all webinars are based on education; some are just to help you to provide more knowledge in other fields as well. Like some people give you knowledge about how to keep yourself in happy and active in these times, while others can like help you in cooking, baking, teaching new languages, etc.

Now for some webinars, you may need to pay some amount and attend it, but that doesn’t mean all webinars are like that. Some webinars are free of cost and can provide you equally good knowledge as the paid seminar. 
 Also, it is beneficial for the person who hosts their webinars. They get to know what the new trend in their sector is by talking to people and can improvise themselves. India is home to many freelancers and each freelancer is doing well in their field. By conducting webinars, they, not only advertise themselves but also meet a similar kind of people makes new connections. They also record their webinars and upload it on various social sites along with their blogs to help themselves.
Webinars are an excellent tool to increase your knowledge and skills and to pass time in this lockdown period.