by: Sanchita Khandelwal Category: Online Learnings

The summer season has always been a time for everybody to develop and acquire a new skill or hone a skill that they already possess. Students usually take up various classes and courses during these vacations to increase their knowledge and skillset. Businessmen usually attend various conferences, social meets and seminars to enhance their awareness and build meaningful networks in the industry. But this year, with the unfortunate outbreak of coronavirus pandemic, the physical experience of attending various events and meets has come to a halt as we all stay at our homes and distance ourselves socially. But does staying at home necessarily mean holding ourselves back from venturing on to new experiences? With the wide array of technology available at our threshold today, the answer has to be no.

These uncertain times might seem difficult sometimes, but you can continue to upgrade your skills online with the help of efficient platforms like Webinar Wall.Webinar Wall is an online browsing platform that enables people to find & register for webinars happening all across the globe. It ensures that the users get access to best of webinars, live sessions, events and meet-ups happening online and remain ahead of the concerned updates. Webinar Wall also hosts exclusive events and mentoring sessions for students and professionals looking to enhance their skills and capabilities. We understand and promote the urge to learn and grow and physical distance should be no barrier for you in the process. We bring to you the information about various webinars happening all around the world and the opportunity to be a part of them- all this on a single platform. Moreover, we conduct several webinars ourselves on various trending topics.

We focus on your development during this lockdown, and consequently, leave no stone unturned to provide you with nothing but the best. On Webinar Wall, you will find some of the most productive and informative webinars being conducted on various topics. Not only attending the free seminars, we provide an opportunity for you to grow in the true sense by seeking guidance and support from our expert mentors and coaching teams. Discuss your ideas, seek solutions for the problems you face and explore new fields with the help of our efficient mentoring.

There are a ton of benefits regarding online learning that are hard to ignore. You can learn and grow according to your own pace, not that of any class or teacher. Record the seminars and add them to your watch-later list, as per your schedule allows. The learning experiences on digital events and webinars doesn’t have to be a one-way process. The chatroom feature allows you to interact with other attendees and the keynote speakers. One can share his knowledge and gain the same by indulging in meaningful chats and round table conferences on Webinar Wall. You can utilize this lockdown period not only to build a new skill but to also help you with your existing efforts and polishing your career. Webinar Wall has onboard a number of startups and companies with it. People looking forward to building networks and finding worthful industry connects should also hop on for this productive experience.

We offer a wide variety of topics for webinars. It ranges from business schools to jewellery, from entertainment to current affairs. Whatever your interest lies in, there is an option available for all to learn and be productive during this lockdown period. Somethings, like this crisis, are out of our control but what we can control is our spirit to be better versions of ourselves and continue to grow despite barriers. Webinar Wall kinders this spirit of learning and provides you with a free, easily accessible and user-friendly platform that makes it convenient for you to create new horizons of your knowledge while sitting at home and staying safe.