Securing an enterprise’s critical data has become more challenging than ever before. The number of networked devices is expected to increase from 17.1 billion in 2016 to 27.1 billion in 2021. As IoT proliferates, demands for access to data and applications by people and things is only going to increase. This new era of hyperconnectivity will also lead to complexities and new volumes in cyberattacks.

Besides, they await opportunities like the one arising out of the COVID-19 crisis to unleash mayhem.

Cybersecurity, therefore, can’t be an afterthought. It can’t be addressed with just ad hoc, traditional and limited point solutions. To effectively counter hackers, security needs to be embedded into a new digital culture

The Economic Times CISO Annual Summit has been conceptualised to underline how critical it is to make your cybersecurity approach evolve, and ensure infosec is put at the centre of your enterprise and digital transformation initiatives.

The Summit will help enterprise cybersecurity leaders in securing their enterprises in this hyperconnected world. The virtual summit will witness cybersecurity leaders from some of the world’s largest enterprises hear and discuss strategies to keep their organisations secure.

So join us online as we brainstorm better ideas and solutions to create a better and safer connected world.