The retail sector in India and across the globe has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Retailers across the globe are staring at heavy losses, closed stores and disrupted supply chains. Customers are also expected to curtail their spending on non-essentials once the retail sector becomes fully operational in the country. This is owing to the grim economic situation.

It is very evident that consumer shopping behaviour will change drastically once we are past the current crisis. Retailers will have to chalk out new plans to get their customers back shopping in their stores or online.

In this virtual summit, ETRetail.com will bring together top stakeholders of the retail sector on one platform, where they will discuss how technology can help retailers recover and reinforce their businesses.

The event will further focus on implementing new technologies which will allow retailers to service their customers in a more efficient and secure manner. Participants will get the opportunity to discuss their learning from the current pandemic and how technology can help them be future-ready.